May 082008

Baru saja saya mendownload Tournament Program untuk event TCO2008.

Ardian Kristanto Poernomo [ardiankp] seperti biasanya kembali menjadi satu-satunya orang Indonesia yang berhasil masuk ke babak onsite/final TCO08 untuk divisi Algoritma. Sedangkan pejuang-pejuang algoritma Indonesia yang lainnya (termasuk saya) telah berguguran di online round. Bahkan untuk baju TCO pun gak dapat… (gugur sebelum round #3).

Dari divisi Component dan Marathon tidak ada satupun orang Indonesia yang lolos ke babak final 🙁 Sindu.. di manakah kau berada? Salah! Setelah saya baca kembali dengan teliti, ternyata di Component Development ada Nanda Firdausi Muhammad [enefem21] 😉 Hurayy! 😀

Divisi Studio (disain grafis) paling keren!! 5 dari 12 finalis ternyata berasal dari Indonesia! COOL!! Jadi tambah semangat mau berjuang di Algoritma :)) OK! Tahun depan harus masuk final!! (bleh.. dari tahon kemarin juga ngomongnya gini, tapi gagal melulu…)

Ini saya tampilkan foto dan komentar dari para finalis Indonesia (diambil dari TCO08 Tournament Program):

Ardian Kristanto Poernomo
Ardian Kristanto Poernomo [ ardiankp ] I am 23 years old, Indonesian, currently pursuing PhD degree in Computer Engineering in NTU, Singapore. My programming competition journey begins at IOI 2001, even though I didn’t manage to get a medal. I don’t have many notable achievements, but to name some of them: winning GICJ 2005 and 2006, qualifying to ICPC World Final 2007, 2005 TCO semifi nalist and 2006 TCCC fi nalist. I don’t do anything much other than doing-something-at-lab (on week days) and going-out-with my-girlfriend (on week ends) now. But I think my favorite hobby is playing music.

Nanda Firdausi Muhammad
Nanda Firdausi Muhammad [ enefem21 ] For me, the most fun thing is the competition and the learning process. I learn a lot of things about TopCoder software development and technology. The community is also very good; it’s hard to find such big community with quite a deep interest in programming. I found many interesting things in the forum and so far the best I can remember is the reaction of the community for ‘monsters and bunnies’ problem from TCO08 qualification. Of course, for component development, the money is also interesting. This will be my third onsite tournament and so far the result is not that good. I must work very hard to do my best this time especially since the prospect of getting onsite in the next TCCC is not that high. There are many things in the past that I proud of, however being in the high-class community like TopCoder just makes me realize that what I’ve already achieved can’t be compared to other’s accomplishments. Maybe if I win this TCO I will write it as my proudest achievement.

Junius Albertho
Junius Albertho [ abedavera ] My name is Junius Albertho and I love graphic design. My favorite hobby is playing video games like Warcraft, DotA and Counter Strike. I’m really looking forward to the TCO08 and my favorite part of the tournament is meeting everyone in Las Vegas for the fi nal round trip.

Tri Joko Rubiyanto
Tri Joko Rubiyanto [ djackmania ] I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia and I’m currently working for Unitrend, an advertising agency. Outside of work, I really like watching the English Premiere League and surfing the internet to get connected to the other side of the world. I’m also very proud of being a father to my son. My favorite part of TopCoder is looking at paid status on my PACTs. I’m excited to meet and compete directly with the other great TopCoder Studio competitors from around the world at the TCO.

Arif Widianto
Arif Widianto [ oton ] I’m from Jombang, a little town in East Java and my favorite hobbies are reading, traveling, coding computer programs and spending time with my daughter and wife (if it’s okay to call that a hobby). I became interested in graphic design during my fi rst job as a programmer. I don’t regret changing careers, because it’s so fun, and I enjoy the color it brings to my world. Being a web designer (and developer) and programming as hobby is a great achievement for me.

Maureen [ sweetpea ] I’m attending Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. I was born in April and Sweetpea is April’s Birthfl ower, which is why I chose the fl ower to be my handle. My hobbies are graphic design and playing the piano. I really enjoy participating in TopCoder Studio because it gives me amazing rewards for doing something I like. I’m excited to be a fi nalist at the TCO08 and having the chance to meet all of the other creative

Tricia [ Tricia_Tjia ] My hometown is Jakarta, Indonesia and I’m attending the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art. My handle is my name Tricia and Tjia comes from my father’s name. My hobbies are watching movies and playing sports like swimming and tennis. I have lots of ambitions in my life and I always like to try new things so I can learn something from it. I believe there’ll be a way in everything once we put effort into it. I like to see everything in a positive way and just keep going. My favorite part about TopCoder is the competitions and meeting other members. Different countries, different culture, different styles—I love all of the differences!

Selamat buat semua finalis dari Indonesia dan selamat berjuang 🙂 May the force be with you.

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  1. woi sindu tuh development kali

  2. @SiGanteng: component itu dipecah lagi jadi dua: design ama development.

  3. info iseng, ardiankp dan sweetpea adalah pasangan kekasih yang bekerja di lab yang sama di NTU hehehehe… congratz for both !

  4. hi all keren bnyak orang indonesia di topkoderr 😀 btw gua juga ikutan cm lom nyoba yg onsite 😛 doakan saja kawana2 nice to know you all.


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