Feb 282009

…since the last time I posted something in this blog. Let me update some information:

Officially Ended
Since December 2008, I am no longer a staff of BINUS University, my contract has ended and I decided not to extend it. I realized that only a few people know about this, so I think I should make an announcement otherwise many people will think that I still work there. Although I’m no longer a staff, I still have some classes to teach as a part-time lecturer. Currently, I’m teaching two classes, 02PDT and 02PWT of T0026 (Data Structure).

ACM Training in BINUS
Yes, I’m still in charge with this task, but I will gradually decrease my role here. I know that I’m not a good coach, so it is the time to find a better one (and I think they’ve found one ;-)).

Training session for old students will start today:
Thursday, 15:20 – 19:00, Anggrek 722 (yes… the room that we usually borrow from software laboratory).
Saturday, 13:20 – 17:00, Anggrek 722.

I don’t know how long will this session last. If I’m not mistaken, BINUS only ask me to teach Pandemonium and prepare them for World Final, which will end in April. So, let us see what is going to happen…

For newcomer, those who has no experience in programming contest and not familiar with ACM-ICPC, there will be a training session for you in April with Ricky Winata and Felix Jingga as the trainer (I’ll join them only as advisor), don’t worry, their skill is more than enough to teach you. BTW, don’t ask me why it’s April and not March, the decision is no longer with me. Just wait for the announcement.

My Activity (aside from mentioned above)
Preparing for my TOEFL and GRE (…where has my confidence gone?). Exploring another field of computer science (they’re interesting!).

  2 Responses to “It’s been a while…”

  1. wah…sayang…
    i’m so sad.. 🙁
    Binus have lost one of best algorithm teacher!!
    btw, thx 4 all!!
    4 me U is good teacher!! 😀
    n keep track to teach ade2 penerus tim BINUS…cayo..semangat!!

  2. hmm who is the apprentice ??

    hoping a little whitetigerskinnedpanda..

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